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In 2009, Beihang University signed an agreement with the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Under the agreement, they collaborated in setting up a Hua Luogeng Class to recruit 30 undergraduate students annually and they were to be taught in School of Mathematics and Systems Science of Beihang University.
Hua Luogeng Class faces with important basic issues in mathematics, great demands in aeronautics and astronautics, as well as the key application issues in strategic hi-tech, and aims at cultivating students into high-quality talents with a solid knowledge of mathematics and with a great potential for solving the key problems in applications of mathematics.

The class adopts a “2+2” training model, which means that all the students in their first two years receive top-level education of basics with mathematics as the nucleus and in the last two years they are diverted to three key specialties of mathematics and applied mathematics, information and scientific computation, and a combination of aeronautics, astronautics and information. Each and every student in the class chooses his/her specialty based on his/her advantages and personal interest. A “one tutor for one student” model is set up. The tutor will consciously lead the student to go further in his/her field of study.