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Research work is highly valued in our school. With Beihang University’s Vice President Zheng Zhiming and our school president Zheng Zhiyong as academic leaders, our school does its research work by taking note of our country’s strategic demands and aiming at the leading mathematic problems facing Beihang University’s combination of aeronautics, astronautics and information. More than 60 research programs from the country’s 973 Project, 863 Project, Natural Science Foundation of China and national defense project have been undertaken by our research teams. With multiple research findings having been deemed as of advanced international standard, our research work serves as a forerunner among universities across China.

Subject Construction

First-grade subjects :Mathematics, System Science and Statistics

Doctoral program in Mathematics

Doctoral program in Statistics

Postdoctoral research center in Mathematics

Doctoral and Undergraduate programs in Control Science and Engineering.

Fundamental mathematics in our school is a key subject approved by former State Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense Industry while applied mathematics is a key subject approved by the Beijing Municipality government and former State Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense Industry.
 With the construction and operation of the second- and third-phase work of the “985 Project” and the third-phase of “211 Project”, and in the context of Beihang University’s drive for combination of aeronautics, astronautics and information, our school strives to develop such interdisciplinary subjects as computational mathematics, applied mathematics and systems science. As a result, several academic teams with international influence have been formed and breeding grounds for new talents formulated.

Now, we possess a national-level teaching team, a Ministry of Education’s innovative team in applied mathematics, two national quality courses, three Beijing municipal quality courses, five Beijing municipal quality textbook awards and three Beijing municipal top teaching awards.