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Undergraduate Training
The school puts undergraduate program as the top priority on the agenda. It sticks to the principles of “consolidating basics, focusing on practice, quality building and orientation in innovation”.  By concentrating on elite education, basic theories of mathematics and linking mathematics with engineering technology, we aim at train and cultivate high-quality, versatile students with a solid base of mathematic knowledge, strict scientific thinking, a broad international outlook and a strong sense of innovation. Now we have a total of 455 undergraduate students.

Postgraduate Training
The school implements a strict supervision over the quality of the postgraduate program and students’ theses as a move to satisfy the ever-growing demands in national defense technology and demands for talents in the field. We accelerate reforms in teaching contents and methods and carry forward quality education and boost their sense of innovation.

In 2011,

Beihang University’s Excellent Postgraduate Theses: 37

Beihang University’s Top 10 Research Papers”(periodical): 1

Beihang University’s Top 10 Research Papers” (academic conference): 1

Innovation Fund for Doctorate Students: 2

New Academic Talents of Doctorate Students: 1

Now the postgraduate program has a total of 84 doctorate students and 135 postgraduate students.